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I’m an indie author from Dublin, eager to share my stories with the world! I write contemporary, humorous, character-driven fiction with female protagonists from Ireland.

Each novel centres around themes such as love, loss, finding yourself, relationships, family, midlife crises, mental health, romance and career progression.

I favour flawed characters who tend to learn something from making mistakes (because how else can we learn?). My stories are lighthearted and accessible with a dash of humour for good measure.

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OUT NOW! (And on Kindle Unlimited too)

Meet Elva Maguire, 32, who still parties like a fresher even though she left college ten years ago. Outwardly, she appears to be a young, attractive professional. But inwardly, she knows she’s got baggage caused by years of habitual binge-drinking that gets her into heaps of trouble. She concocts colourful escape plans to get out of awkward social situations, but alas, they don’t always work!

Can Elva ever truly escape from her reckless past?

Kindle/Ebook priced at only 99c on Amazon. Grab yourself a copy now…you’d be mad not to!!

Midlife Secrets

A series of five stand-alone books

We are led to believe that life gets easier as we get older. But what if that's not true?

Find out how these Irish women navigate their way through the bewildering midlife years, each sharing their own unique story.

And when their secrets come out, will they learn from their experiences and become enlightened, or sink deeper into their respective midlife crises?

Vastly Underrated (Book 5)

The one time Debra doesn’t check off everything on her to-do list, the consequences become unbearable.

The only way she knows how to cope is to escape.

Want to follow Debra’s life-changing adventure?

Urgently Required (Book 4)

Emma’s demanding mother prevents her from living her best life and if it wasn’t for her friend and fellow librarian, Patricia, she’d be lost. But it’s only when she meets Mark that she develops just enough confidence to stand up for herself.

However, Mark seems to be in such a rush to settle down and start a family that Emma finds herself getting swept away. After being a people-pleaser all her life, can she find the strength within to finally start pleasing herself? And address the nagging voice in her head telling her that a change is urgently required…

Somewhat Satisfactory (Book 3)

Claire is in her forties and perfectly content with her life until her best friend drags her to a fortune-teller. This encounter sets Claire’s mind racing and suddenly she starts to reconsider the life choices she has made. Her self-questioning escalates as soon as she meets a stranger at a party. This triggers a sequence of events that quickly transform Claire’s life, her marriage, her career, her family unit and her heart.

Abundantly Clear (Book 2)

- Secrets And Lies Disguised As A Perfect Couple -

When deceit enters a happy marriage, nothing stays the same.

Beatrice’s world gets pulled asunder when her career takes a downturn, her husband turns away and an awfully friendly fisherman shows up.

Find out if Beatrice can rise from rock bottom and finally make her deepest desires abundantly clear.

Debut Novel

Perfectly Reasonable (Book 1)

-When Little White Lies Lose Their Innocence-

Find out just how far this neurotic Irish woman will go to convince herself and the world that her actions are ‘perfectly reasonable’…

Songs as epigraphs.

(And lots of songs mentioned/alluded to in each book)

Like some music to accompany your reading?

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