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Thanks for visiting my web page! I'm an Irish writer living in Dublin. When I'm not working or looking after my three little girls, I steal away to my imaginary world and attempt to create thrilling stories.

'Perfectly Reasonable' is my first novel, followed by ‘Abundantly Clear’, ‘Somewhat Satisfactory’ and ‘Urgently Required’.

To read hidden scenes and juicy gossip about your favourite characters, not to mention stories of my writing life in Ireland as a busy mum, click here:

Urgently Required

The latest addition to the Midlife Secrets series is out now!

As midlife pressures build, Emma tries to juggle demands from her mother, precious time with her friend and the trepidation of starting a new romantic relationship. Trying to constantly please everyone exhausts Emma and it’s not long before she realises a change is urgently required.  The question is can she find the strength within to make it happen?

‘Somewhat Satisfactory’

Claire is in her forties and perfectly content with her life until her best friend drags her to a fortune-teller. This encounter sets Claire’s mind racing and suddenly she’s reconsidering every choice she’s ever made. Her self-questioning escalates as soon as she meets a stranger at a party. This triggers a sequence of events and quickly transforms Claire’s life, her marriage, her career, her family unit and her heart.

Midlife Secrets Series

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Book 2 in the Midlife Secrets series. All stand-alone reads.

Abundantly Clear

- Secrets And Lies Disguised As A Perfect Couple -

When deceit enters a happy marriage, nothing stays the same.

Beatrice’s world gets pulled asunder when her career takes a downturn, her husband turns away and an awfully friendly fisherman shows up.

Find out if Beatrice can rise from rock bottom and finally make her deepest desires abundantly clear.

Debut Novel

Out Now

Perfectly Reasonable -When Little White Lies Lose Their Innocence

Find out just how far this neurotic Irish woman will go to convince herself and the world that her actions are ‘perfectly reasonable’…

Thanks for visiting my web page!

It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

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